6010 Welding Rods

by Welding Electrodes on September 18, 2011

6010 welding rods

E6010 [E4310] electrodes (welding rods) are characterized by a deeply penetrating, forceful, spray type arc and readily removable, thin, friable slag which may not seem to completely cover the weld bead. Fillet welds usually have a relatively flat weld face and have a rather coarse, unevenly spaced ripple. The coverings are high in cellulose, usually exceeding 30 percent by weight. The other materials generally used in the covering include titanium dioxide, metallic deoxidizers such as ferromanganese, various types of magnesium or aluminum silicates, and liquid sodium silicate as a binder. Because of their covering composition, these electrodes are generally described as the high-cellulose sodium type.

These electrodes are recommended for all welding positions, particularly on multiple pass applications in the vertical and overhead welding positions and where welds of good soundness are required. They frequently are selected for joining pipe and generally are capable of welding in the vertical position with either uphill or downhill progression.

The majority of applications for these electrodes is in joining carbon steel. However, they have been used to advantage on galvanized steel and on some low-alloy steels. Typical applications include shipbuilding, buildings, bridges, storage tanks, piping, and pressure vessel fittings. Since the applications are so widespread, a discussion of each is impractical. Sizes larger than 3/16 in [5.0 mm] generally have limited use in other than flat or horizontal-fillet welding positions.

These electrodes have been designed for use with dcep (electrode positive). The maximum amperage that can generally be used with the larger sizes of these electrodes is limited in comparison to that for other classifications due to the high spatter loss that occurs with high amperage.

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